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Ally Womack
Mimi Cate Copeland
Logan Brown
Quentin Dhondt
Ava Welsh
Allen Copeland
Allen and his Horse "Show N Time" (Candy)  and coach Miss Sandi at the McKinney Show
A successful show translates to a new fashion statement for Mimi Cate.
Ava and Stormy line up to show at Winterhaven Ranch
Ally gives Mimi Cate a ride. Where's your horse MC?
Quentin & Jesse practice for the          next show.
Ava and team mascott, "Scotch" riding double.
Mimi Cate and May Day warm-up at the Fort-Worth Stock Show.
Quentin & "Jesses Playgirl" (Jesse) in Showmanship Class at the Diamond T
Allen at the Ft. Worth Sock Show
Allen and Candy wait for their next class at the Winterhaven Horse Show
           Mimi Cate and                      "May Eye Invest"  (May)
Miss Sandi takes a double win with Jesse at the Palomino Show in Ft. Worth.
Mr. Wayne tends to Jesses Playgirl between classes at the Ft. Worth Stock Show.
Ally and Kylee warm up for Showmanship at the AQHA Ft. Worth Show
The Three Amigos
Ava & Tinsel waiting for their class
Ally & Kylee chillin' at Winterhaven